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Atari has sold Shiny, the makers of Earthworm Jim, Enter the Matrix and Wild 9. But Jim, Neo and the crew are sticking to the Atari universe for now.

Foundation9, which is a massive collection of game makers including The Collective, Backbone Entertainment, Digital Eclipse and Pipeworks, has purchased the entire Shiny unit from Atari, except for the game titles and licenses that is. Foundation9 stated that Shiny will fit "well with the current studios" and "aligns with our long-term goals for the future."

Like creating massive amounts of diverse media?

With 6 studios now and Shiny getting on board they're one step closer to the 9 in the name.

But who is Foundation9? I mean why do we care?

They are purported to be the largest independent game developers in North America. They have a hand in all facets of game development in addition to film and print media.

Here is a look at the studios:

The Collective - Makers of Star Wars Episode 3, Indiana Jones and the Emporer's Tomb and The Da Vinci Code. I see a trend and it smells like "movie titles". Current Project: Dirty Harry (Make my day, punk!)

BackBone Entertainment - Makers of Age of Empires: Age of kings (DS), Mech Assualt: Phantom War (DS), NBA Ballers: Rebound (PSP), Death Jr. (PSP). The portable gaming experts in the conglomeration from the looks of things.
Current Projects: Sonic Rivals (PSP), Death Jr sequels (DS & PSP).

Pipeworks - An earlier Foundation acquisition from Atari. With Atari they developed Godzilla Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla Save the Earth. Makers of backend developer tools.
Current Projects: unknown

Circle of Confusion - The management and prodcution side of things. Tying together the writers, and directors with the media they work in. Specialize in comic books, video games and novels.

ImagEngine - Makers of children's software and value titles. That means the cheap stuff, I mean the low-cost high entertainment stuff. Some of their previous work can be seen in the Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues and other Nickelodeon titles in addition to Tetris: Elements and Pokemon Team Turbo.

Digital Eclipse - The classic game emulation branch of the Foundation. Projects they have or are working on include Konami XBLA, Midway XBLA, Capcom Classics and Activision Hits Remixed.

So by adding Shiny, to what looks to be an already diverse powerhouse, they add brand recognition and a highly experienced game development group with a diverse background. Only time will tell to see if the foundation will be strong enough or if it will crumble over time.

This is probably part of that Infogrames plan to build some capital that I talked about several weeks ago. The games from Shiny have slipped in the past and perhaps that's why they were sold. Let's face it Enter the Matrix was half-crap really. Maybe under new management they'll regain some momentum and get back in the sun to blind us all once again.

Source: Foundation9 press release

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