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A Senior Editor at Fortune, Peter Lewis, should know better. In his recent article "Next Year's Models" he covers 6 great products that are due out in America...well he doesn't know. Actually we do know about one.
The 'Wee-mote" as he calls it in his article. Well whatever the spelling I think it a travesty to remove it from the console and consider it a tech gadget of the year. Whatever would you do with it if you did not have it attached to a Wii?

Come one man, get it together. First you find five 'Top' models of things to write about and then you try to sell it to an American audience which may never even see some of them. Nice job. Then as almost an afterthought you put in one piece of a new video game console without even talking about the console itself. Yes, brilliant! I am going to run right out and buy that 'wee-mote' but not get the console... Maybe while I am at it I will buy a mobile phone battery for that model I will not be able to get, some Blu-Ray discs for the camcorder I will never see, or that Robot boombox for the iPod I don't have.

See my point?

If you want to read the useless drivel, or just look at the nice photos, you can see the original article here

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