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In a strange twist the PS3 Seeker website has a Wii search on it. Just go here and enter your Zip code. The site will give you a listing of the Target Stores in the area that are to carry the Wii along with a listing of how many Wii will be in the inventory. Rather cool, if you live in America that is. But when I dropped in my postal code the map showed me somewhere in the outskirts of Madrid. Now everyone knows Madrid is in Spain, but I am not in Spain I am in the Czech Republic.

So while it might be accurate and useful you might want to take it with a grain of salt. Especially in light of their disclaimer at the bottom of the page that reads:
We are not affiliated with any retail chains or online auction or classified sites. We are simply providing a search engine to help consumers find a WII. The anticipated inventory figures for retail locations are not verified, but are based on data that has been circulating the internet on various websites.

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