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Well not me usually. But it seems the people at Play Ten were busy this weekend. Read more about it in their press release from Saturday, I guess that must be a day of work in Moscow. Personally I would be out at a cafe near Red Square.

They put out a trailer (it takes a little time to start, be patient) for their long awaited game "The Precursors" which has basically been in development hell and even completely axed on several occasions for the last several years. The game is a mix of FPS and RPG and promises to be something different. I like something different so I will be keeping an eye on this.

Moscow-based software entertainment publisher and developer Play Ten Interactive (PTI) announced today a new trailer for its upcoming title "The Precursors" for the PC and Xbox 360. "The Precursors", which is scheduled for release in Q4 2007, combines first-person shooter gameplay, role-playing elements and space combat.

In this highly cinematic movie, the multifaceted world of "The Precursors" is revealed through interactions with exotic aliens, a giant mech robot battle, and an intergalactic showdown in which the innards of human-eating flowers become charred with an assault rifle.

Developed by Deep Shadows and dubbed by IGN “a game which you should watch closely”, "The Precursors" will deliver the next level of quality and realism that will come to be expected for sci-fi RPGs. In the game, the players take on the role of a young fighter pilot who immediately becomes embroiled in a tumultuous war that will engulf the cosmos. Using an assortment of crushing weapons and perks, ranging from organic guns to buggy driving, the player and his three teammates will set out to uncover a secret of ancient races that threatens the balance of powers in the galaxy.

Ten beautiful and detailed planets, a variety of space ships, flyers and other vehicles, and a host of weapons ranging from standard plasma rifles to bizarre spider cannons, are not the only features which make "The Precursors" unique. A well-balanced blend of role-playing engagement and dynamic FPS-style action in a completely open world are characteristic for "The Precursors". The thrill of exploring space, leading adventures on faraway planets and fighting in merciless wars between rival galactic empires make for a compelling experience.

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