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So in my daily wanderings I ran across a Czech review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance which gave it fairly high rankings. You don't even need to understand Czech to know that they liked the game though I will translate the title for you "skv&#;lý komiks" means wonderful you get the idea.

You can check out their review complete with a few screenshots and a percentage rating at this link.

Under each photo is a link "vetší obrázek" that you can click to get a bigger window view of the photos.

The Con of the game is:
"Casem stereotyp, nic nového, píliš podobné hRe X-Men Legends II."

Which means:
Stereotypical game, nothing new, too much in common with the game X-Men Legends 2.

The Pro of the game is:
"Návyková hratelnost, ruznorodé prostredí, spousta známých hrdinu, propracované AI, široká škála neprátel."

Which means:
Addictive or habit-forming action, many environments, many familiar heroes, a well-developed AI, and a wide range of villians.

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