Generation: Gamerz GameTap Announces 20th Century Warfare Week

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Gametap logoTurner Broadcast’s GameTap advances onto the battle field with the introduction of thirteen combat games to its catalog of more than 750 titles. Among the array of popular titles being announced is the stellar “Soldiers: Heroes of War II.” According to, this title exceeded an 80% rating by the majority of leading video game publications who reviewed it. This week’s full list of featured action titles includes:

Air Raid (PC): An addictive WWII game that puts you in the middle of the action, defending your battleship from Japanese kamikazes and German fighters. This first person shooter orders you to man a Borfor anti-aircraft deck gun through 99 fictitious missions. 

  G.I. combat: Episode 1, Battle of Normandy (PC): Join the allied forces as they uproot the German stronghold to capture Normandy. G.I. Combat makes you the company commander in one of the deadliest battles of the war.


 Pearl Harbor 2 (PC): This war simulation game puts the day of infamy into your hands. Called to fend off the Japanese, you’ll be shooting down planes and taking names from a U.S. Navy gun turret.

  Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath (PC): Built around a post apocalyptic, 1962 setting, this real-time strategy game offers a glimpse into an alternate reality, one that you need to command your forces out of.

  Soldiers™: Heroes of World War II (PC): Join the American fighting campaign in this squad-level real-time strategy game that puts the enemy in your sights. Navigate through 30 levels to decide the outcome of the war and your fate.

  P.O.W. Prisoners of War™ (PC): With brutal action and fast gameplay, this shooter drops you behind enemy lines, forcing you to escape using only what you can wrestle from the enemy.

Why get in harms way and risk your own life, when you can command a unit on GameTap and save the world? With GameTap, subscribers have unlimited access to these games and more than 750 others all for one price, which also includes over 600 original TV shows and videos that cater to fans of the video game lifestyle. To register for GameTap, visit where you can sign up for as little as $6.95 per month, and get your first month for just 99 cents.

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