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Yes, even Hana and I found a Wii in Brno.

Albeit not until today. See we went to two stores yesterday and I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to purchase one online and have it shipped to me. But that was not the case, because today while we were in the center of town and the rain started to come down, we ducked into Bontonland, one of the major retailers of DVDs, CDs and games in the country. There, sitting quietly in a ray of light coming from the parted clouds of heaven above sat a lone Wii. Waiting for me to purchase it.

Well ok, maybe there was no ray of light coming from the heavens above. But the Wii was real and not a figment of my imagination. Oh, and get was the ONLY ONE they had!

Hana stated that she was 'happy that I got one,' which just goes to show you how cool she is. Not only did she walk the stores with me yesterday but she took over translation duties during the purchase which was rather important so that I got the 2 year guarantee that the product will function.

Now we are off for lunch and some mead and then some cookie baking. Maybe even some Wii-playing but that remains to be seen.

I did not bother to get extra controllers or even an extra game because after all, Christmas is right around the corner and 7990 CZK ($382.30 USD) was enough of a purchase for one day.

So Hana + I does equal WII!

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