Generation: Gamerz What If…The Third Reich Had Mechs?

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Alternate history games have never been all that interesting to me, but with recent entries like Resistance: Fall of Man, I'm beginning to change my opinion.

Warfront: Turning Point is another of the "what if" real-time strategy games, with yet another unique twist about World War II. The story, from the game's website goes something like this: "The successful German occupation of Great Britain marked a turning point in the Second World War and irreversibly altered the course of the greatest conflict known to man. Without the threat of RAF bombers, the Nazis could build up a safe, unconcealed and highly effective infrastructure for the development of nearly unstoppable super-weapons. The Americans could only answer the impending threat by producing their own futuristic arsenal. This silent technological cold war reached its boiling point when the Americans decided to participate in the Liberation of Britain."
Interesting premise, made only more interesting my the period-specific technology that the developer dreams up for this beautifully rendered RTS. Check out some of the shots and the video below. Also, you can download the multi-player demo here.


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