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So I have a account that I have had for something like 5 years. Today I went to register my Wii so that I can get into the Wrist Strap Replacement program but the website said "No sir."

It seems I cannot change my address to my current European address here in the Czech Republic. It also will not allow me to register the Wii itself as the serial number configuration is probably different.

Ours are XXX-######### where I heard America is only two letters.

So I went to the site. I was again going to try to register the Wii, except that my country (the Czech Republic) of residence is not in any pull-down menu.

Odd because the manuals in my Wii box and the text on the box are all in Czech, so they must know the country exists. Strangely enough you can ONLY put in an address from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and the UK.

Well ok. But what about the rest of us? The other half of the European Union. The other 20 or so countries that are on the same continent with those countries listed above. Are we not allowed to register our equipment? Are we not eligible for the Wrist Strap Replacement Program and are we not allowed to signup for an account on a Nintendo site?

At least I still get the 2 year warranty on the product. Yes, you read that correctly. 2 years. See there is a law in the EU that everything sold here has a 2 year warranty. So if the strap breaks I suppose I could send the broken part to Nintendo so they can replace it then, but I would rather just be able to register the system on my account like I registered my GameCube, DS and all the games I have for both.

What's the deal Nintendo?

I emailed them for more information. I will post an update when I hear more.

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