Generation: Gamerz With A Little Help From My Friends and a Map

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Sometimes I get bored and start reading stuff. Then that stuff slowly sinks in and I think 'wow that might be fun' and go and do it.

Put this into the "what do I do when I get bored" category. I map my Wii.

Over at MapWii an ingenious combination of Google Maps and Mii codes you can map your Wii and find people in your area. Don't worry, your exact location isn't given. For example look at the map below.

I know for a fact that I live on the opposite side of town from where the marker is. So like I said, there is little worry about privacy and Wii-Stalkers.

Surprisingly someone already requested to add me as a friend. Maybe it's because I'm the ONLY Wii registered in the Czech Republic at the moment. Maybe they're originally from here and are just home sick. I am sure I will find out sooner or later.

So if you are like me and get bored easily, then feel free to add me as a Wii Friend. My number is 2388 0928 6330 3299

Helpful Wii Tips of the Day:

You can rearrange your Wii Channels by holding down A and B and then dragging the channel to where you want it to be. I categorized mine by "games", "useful", and "not so useful".

If you have photos and MP3s on an SD card you can put it in the Wii and play the MP3s during the slide show of the pictures. Quite cool if you don't really use your television like me or if you have friends coming over.

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