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So I have been working on the Vanishing Point game much of the evening and I am happy to say that I have finished the first puzzle box completely and begun the second with 3 puzzles solved already.

It's what is dubbed an Alternate Reality Game where the game utilizes pieces of reality in order for the players to fully experience the game. Of course the massive prize packages that are available are some bit of motivation as well.

After driving myself nearly mad with the host of puzzles they have to offer I finally decided I needed some help. That's when I ran across the VP-Wiki I am ahead of the page in that I have started and solved some of puzzle box 2. I will not lie, I did have to search the web for some hints into the puzzles themselves which is how I found the Wiki.

I must admit it's an interesting game and I'm far more interested in finding all the hidden things (like the small white boxes, the hidden web pages and the trail of clues left around) than in finding out the information about Loki. Of course I have had to use Skype to make a call or two because some of the clues give you phone numbers, but if you like you can just find the information on the Wiki pages.

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