Generation: Gamerz England and the Rest of Europe Brace for More Bombing

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No not from hostile forces, well maybe, if you consider Sony as hostile. It seems there are murmurs about some upcoming PS3 launch announcement. Sony denies there will be any problems but considering they have not even announced the actual release date for the console (rumored to be 23.March at the moment) I find it strange that they have not announced it already. There were also rumors that it would be 3.March as in PS3 on 03.03 but they seem to have been squashed.

I still stand by my prognostication that the PS3 will not hit European shores until June.

I also see that Sony confirmed there will be no 20GB versions of the PS3 in the UK, that means the rest of Europe will also not see them because when they say UK they generally mean 'the European market' but they fail to realize that the UK and Europe are two different markets technically.

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