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There was an update (still version 2.1E) when attempting to go to the Wii Shop Channel today which required an System upgrade on the Wii. Again after the upgrade there was a large message about having to reset the Parental Controls and such.

The News Channel is Active! When you first fire it up it downloads some content that takes a bit of time. The News channel is interesting. You can have a slide show of all the news play. When you see something interesting you can have it stop so you can read the whole story. You can do a slide show of just one category (National, Regional, International, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Business, Science/Health or Technology) or all of them together. It is rather an interesting way to present the news and I rather like is as I needn't listen to a news announcer just some typical ambient Nintendo music. Again you can zoom in on the text if you are having problems reading it, as in the browser which is a nice feature for those with less than perfect eyesight.

In other Wii News, available today in the PAL territories on the Wii V.C. (Virtual Console):
MARIO KART 64 - 1000 points - N64
Soldier Blade - 600 points - TGFx16

Hmmm...1000 points for Mario Kart 64. I am on the fence at the moment, especially since I could get Mario Kart DS. I still think the prices need to, and may, come down a little.

Restrict the use of the News Channel has shown up in the Wii Settings which is not a big surprise. I expect this will be standard for every channel that comes.

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