Generation: Gamerz WoW! A Lawsuit!

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It's difficult to tell exactly what is going on here, but one thing is certain, Blizzard/Vivendi is being sued.

WoWGlider is a bot used by players of World of Warcraft that handles the repetitive, menial tasks associated with most MMORPGs today. According to the WoWGlider website, "Glider works a lot like a regular player. It looks at your health, mana, energy, etc. It moves the mouse around and pushes keys on the keyboard. You tell it about your character, where you want to kill things, and what to kill. Then it kills for you, automatically. You can do something else, like eat dinner or go to a movie, and when you return, you'll have a lot more experience and loot."

According to WoWGlider's initial suit against Blizzard/Vivendi, a company rep and a pair of lawyers, arrived, unannounced at the home of Michael M. Donnelly, a member of MDY Industries, LLC (the makers of WoWGlider), threatening to sue MDY for infringement of copyright and violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. In response, Blizzard/Vivendi filed a countersuit, as promised.

Is Blizzard/Vivendi just trying to prevent this guy from making money, or are they legitimately concerned with cheaters? Hard to say, but I doubt MDY has a leg to stand on. On their FAQ page, MDY acknowledges that the use of their product violates WoW's EULA.

So much for plausible deniability.

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