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Red Ocean is a new game from Collision studios in which the player fills the shoes of Jack Hard (No, I'm not joking), a veteran diving instructor, who becomes inadvertently involved with a terrorist group that has taken control of a Soviet era underwater facility.

The storyline, according to the Red Ocean website goes something like this:
"It started off as just another tourist diving trip for Jack Hard, but instead he gets caught up in a global conspiracy. The infamous terrorist organization United Arms has discovered a new source of energy on the ocean floor. It is sure to change the world forever - but to what end? The terrorists are planning to use it in the construction of a weapon of mass destruction!"

Not so sure on the story line, but these screenshots are pretty. I just may have to try this one out when its hits the PC. International dates have not yet been announced, but are expected sometime after the game is released in German-speaking countries, slated for March.

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