Generation: Gamerz More info on Battle Rage from Destan

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Destan, who I mentioned earlier in the week (here and here), have sent more information about their upcoming giant-robot fighter. This time in the form of character bios from the game.

Now remember, they are criminals, so do not get too close.

Jack "The Ripper" Winters
Jack was obsessed with the tournament since he was a child. He stared at his holoscreen everyday to give himself to his favorite pastime. Eventually he decided to make his dreams of taking part in the tournament come true. He killed a random pedestrian. Known for his mercilessness and precision.

Cezaria "Persephone" Baudouin de Courtenay
 An Aristocrat, descendant of an old and respected family of de Courtenay. She was the cause of the fall of her house that bankrupted spending most of it’s fortune on her mental treatment. To no avail. One night Cezaria strangled her twin babies. Later at the court she testified that voices told her to do so. Haughtiness is her distinguishing feature.

Alexei "1337" Bierdiajew
A child of the information era. No security system ever created could resist 1337’s attack. However, his unbridled curiosity led him to fall. He stole top secret data from the CIA servers. After a week he was brought to the court. He claims that he was framed.

Esteban "Padre" De Nascimento
Possibly, he’s the only contestant without any criminal record. The court found him guilty of double homicide ignoring strong alibi and favorable testimonies given by witnesses. Shortly after the beginning of the tournament he was acquitted of all charges. However he resolved to stay and fight.

Masaru "Frosty" Akiyama
Masaru’s father, martial arts trainer and advanced drug addict, killed a dealer in a rush of rage. Frosty pleaded guilty instead of his father. He was sentenced to lifetime prison. In jail he revised his situation and decided to get back to normal life. Fame and money are of lesser importance to him.

Kian "Sorter" Cameron
Shrouded in mystery, dark an hostile. Nothing certain is known about him. He was charged with an assassination of 24 people, including UN secretary. He was proven guilty only of the latter. In combat Sorter acts like a machine – remorselessly precise and deadly effective.

Ted "The Dog" Mocarski
The oldest participant of the tournament. Veteran of many wars. During a mission he ordered his men to fire at a civilian convoy, claiming that they provided shelter to the enemy. Over hundred people died that day. Court marshall sentenced him to capital punishment, but corporate lawyers managed to negotiate a lifetime prison. Since then the tournament is his life.

DIE Mk. I (Digital Instinct Evolved)
The wonder of a modern cybernetics. A machine created to kill. It combines murderous instincts of the greatest predators with a cold logic of advanced microprocessors. Implemented learning algorithms pushed it far beyond the boundaries set by his creators. DIE exists only to hunt and kill.

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