Generation: Gamerz Project Top Secret Information Revealed

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David Perry, founder of Shiny and director of Project Top Secret for Acclaim has spilled some of the beans on the project which will be an MMO built by and for gamers.

The deal is this, the person who makes the largest contribution to the final product, gamer, programmer or otherwise, will be given the chance to develop their own MMO that is guaranteed to be published by Acclaim. The director of that game will be given a contract to include royalties on the game itself.

There's not much to be done at the moment besides joining the more than 23,000 people who have already signed up at the Project Top Secret site and join in the discussions in the forum.

Mr. Perry has also stated that this MMO will be in the racing genre. Well I could see that being quite interesting myself. If you are given the ability to...wait, I should put this in the forums and not here...

So join in the world's largest game development team and see how it goes. I know I am.

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