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Batman the VideogameThat's right, the caped crusader is coming in Lego form to a platform near you!

It's an interesting tie-in, and an obvious move considering the success of the Lego Star Wars games. The good news is Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is publishing the game itself, as well as handling all North America distribution, but is working with TTGames, to develop the game, the same company who developed the Star Wars versions.

I'm not sure where I stand on this. Batman games have never been great, then again neither have many Star Wars games. And the Lego Batman line has never been quite as successful as the Star Wars line, and I wonder if the lackluster toy sales may translate into poor game sales.

The game is slated for a 2008 release, but what's next? Harry Potter or Spiderman Lego games? Then again, it could always be worse: it could be Mega Blocks Pirates of the Caribbean.


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