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We have, in the past, been accused of being Anti-Sony. Well that is not true. While I have taken issue with Sony in the past, which is part of my job, I am not completely anti-Sony. The others here at G:G are not anti-Sony at all, they fall elsewhere onto the spectrum like mildly in favor of or ambivalent toward. Personally, I am still boycotting their products much to my own pain for I need a new mobile phone and they make some of the best combo (camera, MP3, phone) units on the market. But perhaps after the recent comments about Europe being a major important market I will lift my boycott. We will see if they were just paying us lip service because of the (then) upcoming PS3 launch or if they will truly begin to think about getting us games and gear near the release times of the rest of the world.

But I digress. The point of this post is to tell you about Kotaku's PS3 giveaway which is in its final week, not to drag on about my perceived shortcomings over at Sony.

So without further ado...

Kotaku is giving away a customized PS3 which I am not so impressed with. I mean big, black and sleek is cool and fits into almost any decor, but big, red and flowery? Sure it's cool because it is all spray-painted and laser-etched, but really, not a design that screams "massive computing power" is it? Well anyway, Kotaku has one and is giving it away along with copies of Fight Night, Madden, Call of Duty and Ridge Racer as well as and developer autographed copies of both Resistance and Oblivion.

The task?
Complete a series of missions which require answering some questions.

Mission #1: The PS3 launch reached new levels of nutso. Save for one. One store's was just plain boring. Well, which one was it?

I bet if you ask Cigdangle very very nicely, or throw some free gaming stuff at him or probably even cash he will cough up all the answers as he was bragging to me yesterday that he has them all.

But one way or another you better hurry, the contest ends FRIDAY.

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