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It seems like a hardware type of week as I have previously posted about X360 hardware and PS3 hardware, so now too I post about Nintendo Wii hardware.

nintendo wiiNyko Technologies, a premier peripherals manufacturer, has shipped their new line of Wii accessories to stores. The lineup includes Charge Station, Wireless Sensor Bar, Click Grip and HD-Link for Nintendo Wii. Each Nyko product provides a different solution for the Wii gamer to maximize their gameplay experience. Wii fans can find Nyko's latest Wii solutions at select retailers nationwide, as well as Nyko's newly launched Ecommerce site, here.

Nyko Charge StationNyko's Charge Station for Wii allows gamers to conveniently charge two Wii-Remotes simultaneously by replacing the disposable batteries with two rechargeable NiMH battery packs. The dual port charging dock offers the convenience of keeping 2 Wii-Remotes charged at all times by plugging into any AC wall outlet. For those intensely active Wii gaming sessions, the Charge Station for Wii also includes two rubberized battery covers to ensure that every gamer maintains a solid grip on their Wii-Remote. The Charge Station for Wii retails for $29.99.

nyko wireless sensor barProviding the ultimate solution for hassle-free, enhanced gaming on the Wii, Nyko's Wireless Sensor Bar provides gamers with up to 25 feet of Wii Remote functionality with no wires or cords. The Wireless Sensor Bar can be placed anywhere the gamer desires, making it ideal for projector screens and wall-mounted televisions. The product features up to 30 hours of battery life on four AA batteries (included), and also includes an optional built-in battery saving function. The device emits an audible alarm when the Wireless Sensor Bar has been left idle for a user-determined amount of time. The Wireless Sensor bar for Wii retails for $19.99.

nyko HD-linkTo meet the needs of consumers demanding the best in visual performance from their Nintendo Wii, Nyko is proud to offer the HD-Link for Wii. The HD-Link is a set of high-end component cables that provide a crystal clear image at a resolution of up to 480p. The cable is made of high-quality materials that provide the highest level of quality and is also shielded to provide interference-free performance. For added convenience, the HD-Link for Wii is 8 feet long, making it a flexible option for any home entertainment setup. The HD-Link for Wii retails for $19.99.

nyko click gripThe Click Grip replaces the existing battery cover with one featuring a rubberized grip, ideal for comfort and control in every gaming session whether you are casually bowling or intensely slashing with the Wii-remote. Besides augmenting the Wii-remote grip the Click Grip also lets you personalize your Wii-remote by selecting from three different color choices. The Click Grip comes in packs of 2 and retails for $5.99

"Nyko is pleased to add to the Nintendo Wii's unique technology by providing everyone from the casual to hardcore gamer with the freedom of wireless technology, high-quality video, continuous charging solutions and a better grip on their gaming," said Chris Arbogast, Marketing Manager at Nyko Technologies. "As the Wii gaming library continues to evolve, we're confident that these innovative products will enhance any Wii gamer's experience, as well as provide unequaled flexibility and convenience."

Ok so why am I not complaining about these products? Well I thought about the charger station as being somewhat deceptive because we can all go out and buy rechargeable batteries and a recharger, but the fact of the matter is that this charges the batteries in the Wiimote and that is innovation because I am lazy and do not wish to constantly open and close the battery cover which I have had to do several times already to replace batteries. As an added bonus you basically get two click grips with it if you read the copy closely. So unless you want colored ones, because I am sure they are probably standard white, you don't need to run out and buy both products.

From the look of the covers that come with the charging station you MUST use them, notice the small contact point on them that is probably to transfer the energy. So if you do go buy the colored click grips you will probably need to replace them when you put the Wiimotes into the charging station.

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