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Here's another collection of screenshots from the upcoming Medal of Honor: Airborne.

I've been a fan of Medal of Honor, ever since playing Allied Assault (the first release) on the PC. But, none of the games have been able to capture that same feeling of the first. None have pulled you in and made you a part of the action. None have made your heart race as they truly immerse you in the game.

Medal of Honor - Screenshot 1 Medal of Honor - Screenshot 1
Medal of Honor - Screenshot 1 Medal of Honor - Screenshot 1

Looking over these shots, I have high hopes that this game will return to its roots and recapture the MOH magic. If you don't know what I'm talking about? Watch the clip below. This is the start of the third level - the landing at Omaha Beach. This clip doesn't quite do it justice, but it still gets my blood pumping.


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