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Nintendo just released the second quarter European release list for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and even the GBA. So it seems the Gamecube development cycle has ended which is not surprising considering the fact that you can play the games on the Wii. The GC is dead, long live and WiiGC or something.

Leading the pack for the Wii is of course Mario Strikers Charged which I wrote about earlier in the week but it's got some backup in some upcoming film tie-ins like Spider-Man, PotC and Transformers as well as some more anticipated titles like Heatseeker and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and some classics that got a spit shine like Metal Slug Anthology.

On the DS some highlights include Europe finally getting their hands on Pokemon: Ranger, Hotel Dusk Room 215, Harvest Moon DS and a gazillion other games. But I think the games I'm waiting for the most are actually slated for the GBA, go figure. They would be Final Fantasy V and VI Advance.

Funny, the DS has been out for 3 years now and they still make games for the GBA even though the games can be played in the DS. Now the Gamecube is dead after a good solid five-and-a-half-year run but the games are playable on the Wii. So my advice for those of you without a DS that have a lot of GBA games you like to play is this: Prepare for the end. The GBA life cycle is probably only a year or two away.

Sadly, there is no new hardware on the Wii list unless it will be packed with a game and they aren't telling us a lot about it yet.

Wii Hardware and Software - Release Date Q2 2007
Wing Island (Nintendo / Hudson) - 13th April 2007
Chicken Little: Ace in Action (Disney Interactive Studios) - 20th April 2007
Cooking Mama Wii (505 Games) - April 2007
Elevator Action (505 Games) - April 2007
Pop’n Pop (505 Games) - April 2007
Heatseeker (Codemasters) - April 2007
BIONICLE Heroes (Eidos / TT Games) - April 2007
Eledees (Konami) - April 2007
Impossible Mission (System 3) - April 2007
Mario Strikers Charged Football (Nintendo) - 25th May 2007
Brunswick Bowling Wii (505 Games) - May 2007
World Championship Poker Featuring Howard Lederer: All In Wii (505 Games) - May 2007
Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Activision) - May 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Disney Interactive Studios) - May 2007
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway) - May 2007
Puzzle Balls (System 3) - May 2007
Chicken Shoot + Egg Catcher (ZOO Digital Publishing) - May 2007
Pangya! Golf with Style (Nintendo) - June 2007
Dave Mirra Racing Wii (505 Games) - June 2007
Transformers - June 2007
Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Ignition) - Q2 2007
Metal Slug Anthology (Ignition) - Q2 2007

Nintendo DS Hardware and Software - Release Date Q2 2007
Pokémon Ranger (Nintendo) - 13th April 2007
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (Nintendo) - 13th April 2007
Harvest Moon DS (Nintendo / Rising Star Games) - 13th April 2007
The Settlers (Ubisoft) - 19th April 2007
Diddy Kong Racing DS (Nintendo) - 20th April 2007
Jin Jin (505 Games) - April 2007
Wild Wild Western (505 Games) - April 2007
Zendoku (Eidos) - April 2007
Lunar Knights (Konami) - April 2007
Lost in Blue 2 (Konami) - April 2007
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 (Konami) - April 2007
Impossible Mission (System 3) - April 2007
Final Fantasy III (Square Enix) - 4th May 2007
Nicktoons Battle Volcano Island (THQ) - 4th May 2007
Chicken Shoot + Egg Catcher (ZOO Digital Publishing) - 4th May 2007
Picross DS (Nintendo) - 11th May 2007
Custom Robo Arena (Nintendo) - 25th May 2007
Fishing DS (505 Games) - May 2007
Tangram (505 Games) - May 2007
Spider-Man The Movie 3 (Activision) - May 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Disney Interactive Studios) - May 2007
Pony Friends (Eidos) - May 2007
Death Jr and the Science Fair of Doom (Konami) - May 2007
Marvel Trading Card Game (Konami) - May 2007
Steel Horizon (Konami) - May 2007
Power Play Pool (System 3) - May 2007
Super Fruit Fall (System 3) - May 2007
Herbie: Fully Loaded (Disney Interactive Studios) - 1st June 2007
ANNO 1701 (Disney Interactive Studios) - 8th June 2007
8 Ball All Stars (Oxygen) - 8th June 2007
Powershot Pinball Constructor (Oxygen) - 8th June 2007
Mahjong (dtp) - 15th June 2007
Wario: Master of Disguise (Nintendo) - June 2007|
Kirby Mouse Attack (Nintendo) - June 2007
Metroid Prime Pinball (Nintendo) - June 2007
Puzzle League DS (tentative title name) (Nintendo) - June 2007
Shrek The Third (Activision) - June 2007
Meteos: Disney Magic (Disney Interactive Studios) - June 2007
Best of tests DS (Neko Entertainment) - June 2007
Code Lyoco (Game Factory/K.E. Media) - Q2 2007
Pet Alien (Game Factory/K.E. Media) - Q2 2007
Panzer Tactics DS (10tacle Studios) - Q2 2007
Dino Master (Majesco) - Q2 2007
F24 Stealth Fighter (Majesco) - Q2 2007
Mech Assault Phantom War (Majesco) - Q2 2007
Nacho Libre (Majesco) - Q2 2007
Super Black Bass Fishing (Majesco) - Q2 2007
Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (Majesco / THQ) - Q2 2007
B-17 Fortress in the Sky (ZOO Digital Publishing) - Q2 2007
Frisbee Freestyle/Frisbee Golf (ZOO Digital Publishing) - Q2 2007

Game Boy Advance Hardware and Software - Release Date Q2 2007
Final Fantasy V Advance (Nintendo) - 13th April 2007
Another World (ZOO Digital Publishing) - 27th April 2007
Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island (THQ) - 4th May 2007
Final Fantasy VI Advance (Nintendo) - June 2007
F24 Stealth Fighter (Majesco) - Q2 2007
Teen Titans (Majesco) - Q2 2007 Teen Titans 2 (Majesco) - Q2 2007

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