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Do you know how hard it was to not title this "Resident Wii-vil?" Pretty damn hard I must say. Anyway I managed to fight off temptation and focus on the gameplay. And the gameplay in this looks cool. While watching it I thought "Hell yeah, that's the Wiimote action I'm talking about." I had already been thinking of the differences between the next gen consoles because the ad on the trailer was Paper Mario Wii with the tagline "Go from 2D to 3D" and that started me thinking about the innovation that Nintendo has been bringing us with its latest console. Not only remaking games or making sequels but also changing the way we play the games and bringing new and interesting features to the gameplay and mechanics. These are not just ports of other games, they are all new forms of them.

So check out the RE4 - Wii Edition trailers after the break.

Here's the Wii Edition Trailer:

GmePlay Montage:

Just for fun, here's the Japanese trailer (sort of cool and funny actually):

Gun-toting, knife-wielding, monster-shaking, lever pushing, handle-rotating Wiimote action, just what I expect from the upcoming games now. Not to mention the graphics look pretty good on the game as well. This is a big game to keep an eye on, but we'll be sure to do it. Release date: Summer 2007

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