Generation: Gamerz No Nintendo is Complete Without Donkey Kong!

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Yes, the big guy is getting ready to slam the Wii. Several sites, including The Wiire and CVG, are reporting the Famitsu, that Japanese magazine, has listed Donkey Kong Bongo Blast, originally set to hit the GameCube, is set to bounce to the Wii now.

The premise is that players will race through multiple levels shaking the Wiimote and nunchaku to guide DK and I'm sure others through the race. They say that shaking one or the other controller will be the controls and shaking both will accelerate. I suppose there could be a worse control system than constantly shaking both hands like, well ok I cannot think of any at the moment. But we will take a wait and see approach. It sounds like is will just be a little strange, what does shaking have to do with racing on flaming bongos? Ok so racing on flaming bongos is strange in and of itself.

CVG has some screen shots but when you click on them you get a page not found. I will work on getting some of them from somewhere.

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