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Mix RTS and RPG, give it a magical world all its own and you have the basics for Stranger, the upcoming game from Fireglow Games. The whole universe and its inhabitants will immerse players in a hostile world full of tough encounters and battles. As players take control over three distinct heroes, the story unfolds as these three fight to save their immortal souls and overcome their destiny.

Kagar, Steiger and Mordlock are very different characters, but yet share the same destiny. Wrongfully expelled from their home world for the use of magic, these three find themselves teleported to a strange and hostile land, full of fearsome monsters and relics so powerful to tear armies to pieces. Having been enemies in the world they come from, all of them know that the key to survival is to stick together and fight side by side and combine their abilities if they ever want to make their way back home and take revenge on those who expelled them…

Players will take control of these different characters and use their diverse abilities, forge alliances, use the powerful and flexible magic-crystal-system and build up huge armies to crush the enemies.

About Stranger:
Stranger combines epic role-playing with some of the best elements of real-time strategy. The never-before-seen spell and item enchantment system allows a never-before-seen flexibility as players simply have to swap the amounts of used crystals to adapt to their enemies' strategies. The unique level design allows you to fight on several levels at the same time. Seamlessly interwoven maps enable distinctive tactical options.

• RPG blended with some of the best RTS elements
• 3 main heroes and many units to choose from
• Over 100 different monsters
• Unique and flexible magic system
• Great variety of items and gear
• More than 30 hours of single player campaign
• Multiplayer with up to 8 players
• Level design enables distinctive tactical options

Stranger will be available worldwide from May 2007. Here are the screen shots:

Stranger RTS/RPG
Stranger RTS/RPG
Stranger RTS/RPG
Stranger RTS/RPG
Stranger RTS/RPG
Stranger RTS/RPG

If you are still not sure you should get it then download the demo and watch the trailer both available on the game site. Here is one of the trailers to save you some time.

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