Generation: Gamerz Furiously Flashing Flipper Fingers

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A flash of light reflects off the speeding silver ball. A quick flick of a finger and the flippers launches the ball back up the table, through a spinner, up a ramp and into the lock... It's time for multi-screen MULTI-BALL!

Ok so the feel might not be here but the gameplay looks to be and when you tire of the built in tables in Powershot Pinball Constructor from Oxygen Games only for the Nintendo DS, you can just make your own.

Pinball enthusiasts can enjoy a great game of pinball by either choosing one of the pre-designed tables or by creating their very own! With the unique table editor, players can design and build their very own table and then share it online with friends. Play it. Create it. Share it!

Set in a stylish and modern environment, Powershot Pinball Constructor offers players pinball for the hand-held the way they like it. A never–before-seen table editor gives players a unique opportunity to design and create personalised tables, whilst gamers battling against their friends for that coveted high-score can employ the all-new versus mode to sabotage their opponent’s score. Reaction and skill are key to that high score - even more so because opponents will be instigating attacks from their DS.

Powershot Pinball Constructor is available exclusively for the Nintendo DS System™ and is scheduled for release in June 2007.

It seems like it could be fun but I fear the major drawback will be the screen size. While I have worried about it in the past with several games I have often been proved wrong, but there is something sacred about the silver ball and putting it into a fully digital form has never fully worked for me and I often lose interest rather quickly. But June is just around the corner now so there is not long to wait and find out. Get out wizardly hat and flex those flipper fingers.

Here are some screen shots:

powershot pinball constructor
powershot pinball constructor
powershot pinball constructor


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