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About ten days ago I told you about the upcoming Stranger from Fireglow games. Today I have more information and screen shots for the game.

First up is info on Steiger – one of the three main heroes of the upcoming cutting-edge RPG/RTS-blend Stranger. The character for advanced players that like challenging gameplay.

In his home world, Steiger was an educated spy. His last quest was to investigate the bizarre happenings in the City of Wizards. Therefore he knew how to survive in hostile surroundings and adapted very quickly to the world of Stranger, called Kront. Steiger is perhaps the most flexible of our heroes. His ability to powerfully wield an axe in melee helps him to get rid of monsters getting too close. But his skills in using a crossbow are unsurpassed and help him decimate enemies before they come close, including flying ones.

Steiger is not only a valiant fighter because of his fighting ability, but also because of his excellent vision and hearing. While others may pass unaware, Steiger "feels" hidden magic artefacts and machines that could aid his course.

Already being deadly himself, Steiger's full power is to be seen when he is leading a squad of units. His mastery in using the green spectrum of magic crystals allows him to heal wounded soldiers and even to resurrect dead ones. Facing an army that will stand up every time you knock them over might be found hard to overcome…

Looking at screen shot 2 I can't help but think it looks like "Hexen on crack" but then I look at the others and they don't look all that bad.

Steiger as he was before he approached computers and became 3D and textured.

Steiger is not only a formidable archer but also knows how to fight with an axe. Thanks to his magical skills he is strongest when leading a squad, as his healing and resurrecting spells render his troops hard to overcome.
A crossbow comes in handy when flying monsters attack your party. The lever on the right is a spellcaster. At this very moment it belongs to settlers of the Half-Day Citadel settlement, however, a player can take control and cast a powerful magical shield over his troops.
The enemy's trap at a narrow passage leaves our crossbow-archers in melee. In a situation like this, players should quickly engage their melee-fighters to help out.
While Steiger blasts away his enemies with magic, one of the enemies gets magically
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