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Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, while being one of the longest titles of late is also an upcoming RPG for the Sony PSP scheduled for release in July from Namco Bandai Games.

Players will create a hero to embark on a valiant quest to save the land of Terresia from the gripping force of a powerful evil, set on destruction. Complete with full character customization, an exceptional battle system, and featuring a cast of intriguing characters both old and new to the series, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology is set to bring another quality Tales RPG to the PSP system for the first time.

The beautiful and prosperous ancient land of Terresia is being destroyed by the Devourer, a demonic creature from another planet. The World Tree, which created and protected this magical land, is wasting away from the Devourer’s continuous attacks. The World Tree uses what’s left of its strength to call on the world’s last hope in a dark battle of survival – you.

According to the copy on the game it will, in line with its Tales predecessors, once again set a new RPG standard with genre defining graphics, an in-depth and completely new storyline, and an innovative free-roaming battle system, all set in a new portable world that allows players to take their new Tales journey with them anytime, anywhere.

I also managed to dig up the URL to the as yet unannounced official website. It is strange because it is not in any of the game lists, but there it is for GG readers only.

Here are some quick battle movies from the game.

Is that a table or a treasure chest he's fighting with?

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