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While you may not recognize the title as lyrics from the main theme of Firefly it doesn't matter. Unfortunately this is NOT an update about the reported Firefly MMORPG either. But it is about space and the amazing things that can be done when you have enough of it or more exactly an entire Rogue Universe. The screen shots are so beautiful it prompted me to go find more information to go with them.

Discover Space and be what you want to be. Pirate, merchant, soldier – it’s up to you. Spaceforce – Rogue Universe will take you on an exciting trip through the endless universe and take your breath with stunning graphics and epic space battles.

Experience the most beautiful, open ended space simulation game ever created for PC. Play as a starship pilot and discover the universe with one of 14 different powerful ships. More than 2000 missions are waiting in 46 star systems in the Milky Way galaxy.

Discover, trade and fight your way through the galaxy – it is up to you to become one of the most famous or infamous pilots in all known space… it’s your life get out there…

* An open ended beautiful and innovative 3D space environment; decorated with stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, black holes, star bases, floating cities and all ready for exploration, development, trade, diplomacy, or conflict.
* Player is able to explore the galaxy as a member of one of 10 civilizations placed on different starting locations across the universe
* Non-stop action with a wealth of star vessels within beautiful constellations make SpaceForce 2 an intriguing and exiting space game
* True 64 bit HDR rendering if card supports it, HDR fresnel, HDR specular, HDR bloom and glow, star effect, tone mapping (adaptive exposure), HDR antialiasing, blue shift
* Each ship can be modified in your own creative style by upgrading: speed, target system, jammer, shield, armour, weaponry, afterburner, cargo space and weight

Developer: Provox Games
PEGI: 12+
Release: Q2 2007

Spaceforce will be available for €29,99 on the PC.

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