Generation: Gamerz Grotesque, the Oblivion Killer?

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I really hate the "X killer" moniker that has been slapped wantonly on everything from electronics to video games to books. Especially when they fail to kill anything but themselves much like the purported 'iPod killer' Zune from Microsoft. So for me to call something the killer of something else is either my way of being facetious or having gone insane. In this case it is the prior. While they did not term the game as a 'killer,' the developers did have this to say about the upcoming Grotesque - Heroes Hunted:

Grotesque - Heroes Hunted is a deep fantasy RPG and is considered in direct competition with Oblivion, Gothic and Two Worlds. As opposed to the modern classic RPGs, or all action RPGs, Grotesque focuses on a very intensive and atmospherically dense story line, which, through its elements of black humour, party battles and striking characters reminds one of the cult classic in RPGs, Planescape Torment.

Now I rather liked Planescape Torment though it was not all that graphically intensive but I am still skeptical about this game. Personally I think the setting for Planescape would make a great new RPG or FPSS (First-Person Spell-Slinger, I just made that up) and would be graphically stunning just because of the nature of the Planes (read more about them in the Dungeons & Dragons books). But can this game combine what we all loved in Oblivion with the uniqueness of Planescape and possess interesting gameplay?

Rayk "DeadPoet" Kerstan, Creative Director of Silent Dreams says, "Whilst we were revising the graphics and technology, we set ourselves another big target. We want to release the most story-intensive game that has appeared over the last few years. For many years it is exactly the story and interesting characters that have been totally neglected, because the focus has been on a massive world and optimal freedom - this has been generally related to coincidence-based actions and generated characters, but a thread leading the gamer throughout the game has been missing, and that is exactly what we are now putting back into place." So Oblivion was only a large environment that you could roam freely through and there was no thread of story pulling the player through? I beg to differ, while there is little point to the game after a certain point there was a large story and some interesting characters. I think I see someone in a glass house with a stone in his hand. Just imagine, you wake up one day and find yourself suddenly transported into a totally different world.

The story of Grotesque concerns Roger Sun, an everyday hero from the present, who is neither particularly strong nor particularly honorable. He is the guitarist in a heavy metal band, loves animals and is a huge fan of RPG and adventures. Through a mysterious artifact, a richly decorated antique mirror, he is sucked into another world and lands, complete with his lounge furnishings, right in the midst of a conflict between the alliance of humans and elves and grass-like creatures. It seems as though the eternal battle between light and dark of this game that has been going on for years suddenly becomes serious and turns to become his reality. But Roger had never realized that a hero's life, as a prospective chosen one, would be anything like this. The forces of the light that Roger urgently needs as co-combatants and friends, emerge mostly as arrogant, egotistical and to some extent even engage in inter-fighting. When the vampires, Dawnclaude & Solithaire, appear and with sadistic fiendishness hunt down anything human, it becomes quite clear that they are merely the forerunners of a very angry and murky power, a power that would not remain unaware of the sudden appearance of Roger Sun...

Gerhard Schanz, the Managing Director of Schanz International Consultants says, "Over the next few months we will disclose further material from Grotesque - Heroes Hunted from Silent Dreams, where it will become obvious how Grotesque can be distinguished from the monotony of Action RPGs. Indeed, Grotesque will be a treat to the RPG community and also encourage and attract new players to join this unusual saga with the hero of Grotesque"! In order to be able to implement this also from the technological point of view, Silent Dreams works together with some famous Gothic graphic artists. This includes the Lead Artist of the Gothic series, Horst Dworczak. Well I for one am quite curious about how they will set themselves apart from the 'monotony of action RPGs' as they put it. The story seems interesting but I do not know if it is large enough to truly drive the entire game. The story, in fact, seems flimsy to me what with the evil power being all murky and such and the everyday hero being the unwilling chosen one. A magical mirror, impertinent elves, and vampires all round up the cliche list. As always I do hope they are successful in their endeavor, but I will remain skeptical until they show us the goods. Also, while the game looks good it strikes me as missing something in the character models. Take a look.

They certainly do not look excited nor do they look exciting. I think the pig might have more to say than the farmer in that image. I would not call any of them 'striking' at this point except maybe Felja and even she is lacking some sign of emotion and life. Apparently everyday heroes are mostly naked. I would think he would at least have on a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of black leather pants, after all he is a rock star.

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