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When people leave one game developer and start their own it is sometimes good for the gamers. So when Bill Tiller left Lucas Arts and started his new studio Autumn Moon Entertainment gamers' ears should have perked up. But he was not the only defector from the big L, as a matter of fact his entire team is made of up ex-Lucasians and they have been busy on a new point-and-click adventure, A Vampyre Story.

Combining 3D animation and 2D designs, the game follows the opera starlett, Mona, a woman kidnapped by Baron Shrowdy Von Kiefer and slowly becoming a creature of the night after coming under the vampire's spell. As she seeks to venture away from his gothic island-set castle, she'll have to learn to control her vampyric powers of turning into a bat, hypnotizing people, turning into vapor, and drinking blood from humans. Her friendly bat acquaintance, Froderick, will join her on her quest.

Point-And-Click has been lacking a big hit in recent memory and I think this game has the chops to be just that. From the look of it I instantly think Tim Burton and if the whole game looks this good it may very well be one of the best animated P-a-C adventures ever. Add in the fact that some of the people behind it worked on the Monkey Island series and the game promises to be filled with some witty quips and interesting story.

Not much has been released about the game yet but there are some screen shots and such.


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