Generation: Gamerz Things Are About to Shape Up for the Wii

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It was recently reported in Nintendo Power Magazine (July 2007) that Geometry Wars: Galaxies is coming to the Nintendo Wii and DS. Apparently the game is getting a makeover and a large single player campaign added on. Many people think that if it gets a standard disc-based release it won't be worth the cost. Since it is only $10 on XBLA it would have to be near that price as well unless they build it into a fully unique and complete game. With a large single player campaign and the addition of the original version of the game it sounds like it might be worth $10-15 in a downloadable format or as part of a disc-based collection of smaller games.

Now in the past there was an update to the Wii that gives an option for Wii points to be used only for the Virtual Console. But since the V.C. is technically only for the download of retro games from the NES, SNES, TG16 and SEGA system could this be one of the launch titles for a new section of the Wii Internet Shop? Well I suppose we will need to wait and see. I think it would be worth the effort on Nintendo's part since the other platforms have shown that smaller, newly developed games for download only do have a place in the market.

The game is expected to hit in September.

Source: Joystiq

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