Generation: Gamerz Gamestop Gives Good Reasons to Goozex Your Games

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Once again I have stemmed the bleeding from my eyeballs that always starts when I get the Gamestop Newsletter so you don't have to, in order to tell you about the 'great deals' they have. Print & Save

Well 4GB for $50 isn't so bad now is it?

This one is not a fantastic deal but it is a deal since $10 for a used DS game isn't all that bad.

Of course they have to have 2 games you want for that price which is always a difficult thing to find.

The thing that really made my eyes bleed was the "trade more & get more credit" because you can truly see how badly they rip you off when they can afford to give you 30% more credit if you trade in 5 or more games. Really I think the best place to trade your useed games is definitely over at Goozex who at least gives you some sort of fair market pricing and structure to trade games under. Gamestop just makes prices up out of the blue I think and if Goozex really takes off and imitators come around then it may spell the end for Gamestop and I can finally stop bleeding from my eyes once and for all.

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