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Overlord, the game where you play the bad guy guiding your horde of minions to do your bidding, will be released for PC and Xbox 360 on June 29th. But before then you can play the demo which is already available for the Xbox 360 and should be available this week for the PC. I have talked about the game several times now and the more I see the more I want it.

In the demo, players don the Overlord’s illustrious armour, assemble a team of fighter minions and head off for a session of serious destruction in the once tranquil area of The Mellow Hills. As you descend upon the unsuspecting populace and wildlife that reside in the hills, use your loyal minions to gather life-force from the somewhat unwilling sheep, grow the size of your minion horde, and let the Halflings-gone-bad know there’s a new boss in town.

Top that off with minion upgrades (where else do pumpkins get used as minion helmets?), throw in some peasant intimidation and a show-down with the Guard Troll at the Slave Camp and you’ll have just as taste of the havoc that a minion horde can wreak.

In the full game, players will be able to amass armies of up to 50 minions and select from three further minion types to lead into battle. Then there’s the rest of the twisted domains to explore (and conquer), seven corrupt heroes to defeat, the Dark Tower to rebuild, and the Legion of Terror and other spells to unleash as you strive to be proclaimed the mighty Overlord!

The PC demo will be available at the Official Game Website

Here are some of the more recent movies from the game in case you aren't sure it's worth the download. This one gives you an introduction to the task at hand.


Just to get you started they are releasing a list of 6 commandments on what your minions can do for you. Here's the first.


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