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Capcom has become the first Japanese gaming company to tie the knot with Steam. Big news as this will make PC versions of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Onimusha 3, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and future PC titles available via the leading online distribution platform.

Good news for gamers who, with the massive drive capabilities of today and broadband internet, should not have only one option for distribution in the form of a disc in a shop. Not that I am knocking the game shops because I go to my local shop almost weekly to see if they have managed to get new games shipped yet. The concepts of 'expedient service' and 'customer loyalty' have yet to become a factor in this country. Here's some info on the titles to be released in case you have had a bag over your head for the last year or so.

Available later this week, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition is an action game that follows the stylish demon-slayer Dante as he uses swords and guns to wage a nonstop, one-man battle against the demon world in order to carry out a 2000 year-old revenge.

Coming in the next few weeks, Onimusha 3 is an action game that travels in time between the 16th century Japan and modern-day Paris, pitting two heroes (one a samurai, the other a modern-day fighter played by actor Jean Reno) against a horde of other-dimensional evil.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a critically-acclaimed third person action game from an all-star team of Capcom’s game designers, will be available day and date with the retail version of the PC game, currently scheduled for June 26.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix downloads Capcom's incredibly popular puzzle game into the new generation, featuring enhanced 1080p HD graphics, several new game modes, improved game balance, and online play and will be available later this year.

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