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 The developers over at Cyanide Studios have plundered all of mythology, well at least that of 4 specific pantheons, to pack into the game more items than you might think necessary, 500 unique items as a matter of fact. That is not taking into account the enormous number of weapons the players themselves will be able to create as they go. For more about the items and the creation potential take a look below.

Collect Unique Items Thousands of collectable items, including 500 unique objects (such as Thor's hammer and Achilles' armour) are available along the way. There are 15 classes of weapons and 15 classes of armour, each broken down into 41 levels. Weapons include those that allow the hero to fight at a distance (bows, disks, spears...); those that are used close-up (claws, swords, hammers...) and magical artefacts such as staffs and talismans. Every weapon looks visually different, with the same true for armour and, therefore, the look of the character changes along with the new items which are acquired during the course of the adventure.

Create Customised Weapons Weapons and armour do not just depend on what can be scavenged on the highways and byways of a given world. It is also possible to pay a visit to a blacksmith, whereupon he will forge a weapon or piece of armour to endow it with new attributes. For instance, an iron weapon can be improved by forging it in gold. It is also possible to melt objects down to obtain the raw materials. In all there are 17 different materials from which weapons and armour can be made and so they can evolve as the game steadily grows in difficulty. A blacksmith can also dismantle and reassemble weapons as they are made of two constituent parts (a "handle" and a "blade"), thus making completely new combinations. Moreover, he can add special properties to both weapons and armour by attaching magical runes.

Endless Possibilities… With the various classes and levels of weapons and armour, the different materials, plus the magic runes, there are literally thousands of possible combinations that make for highly personalised characters. Loki can be played many times over and the hero will never look the same.

 I like a game with a robust creation system, it gives games a little flair. In this case far more than 16 pieces of flair, and even more than Brian is wearing. But it is nothing new and at this point should be included in nearly every game imaginable. Like how things become standard offerings in cars and such over time. 

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