Generation: Gamerz Photoshop Textures Run Amok in Political Satire

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Politically charged animals, textured in photoshop go 'apesh#t' in this new game coming the the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 Spring 2008 from Gamecock Media Group and Wideload. Jump into the biggest political race the animal kingdom has ever witnessed and battle all competitors head-to-head. Do you have what it takes to be King of the Jungle?

”No one has attempted to bring an over-the-top party game like Hail to the Chimp to next-gen consoles, much less one with biting political satire,” said Rick Stults, Console Chief for Gamecock Media Group. ”Keeping with its reputation, Wideload is going to give gamers something truly original.”

 Technically that's 'current-gen' consoles there Chief. Next-gen is like tomorrow, it's always a day away. But when I look at the screen shots I could not help but think "OUCH! MY EYES!" then once the stinging stopped I realized it's a whole lot of Photoshop textures. But since the screen shots didn't do it justice, I'm not posting them. Instead check out the video at the end of this article, it actually looks sort of cool.

Hail to the Chimp begins after the Lion is deposed as King following a series of embarrassing scandals. The rest of the animals decide it's time to give democracy a try and hold an election for the next King giving even the lowliest of animals (the Clams) a say in things. The election quickly becomes a chaotic multiplayer free-for-all, with each candidate using a combination of brute force and dirty tricks to turn out the Clam vote. Ten animals will compete to become the next King. During the game, all ten candidates will need to form, and break, alliances with their rivals to gain the upper hand. Multiple game types and hazard-filled arenas keep the action flowing nonstop as the shifting loyalties, truces and vendettas build up to epic proportions.


Yes it still looks like Photoshop filters and textures gone mad, but it looks like it's gone brilliantly mad! Or is that madly brilliant? The gameplay looks like what politics should really looks like. Let them beat the hell out of each other to decide policy. As a matter of fact that has happened here recently, although not over policy. One politician called the wife of another politician some unappealing name and a brawl ensued on stage at a press conference or something, it was brilliant as well. Check out this non-game-related but still funny Czech political fight'


The fighting is so bad it almost looks staged... Maybe THIS was the inspiration for Hail to the Chimp. And like the fighting in this video I don't think the fighting in the game will tax the fighters, especially with the processing power of the consoles in question.

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