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The popular animation series, Dragon Hunters, is set to hit the consoles. PlayLogic announced an exclusive 3-year contract with Futurikon, the French animation studio that creaed the series, to develop and distribute the games. The series is dubbed as action comedy and follows the colorful adventures of our two inseperable hunters, LIAN-CHU and GWIZDO, two dragon hunters who practice their trade according to the rules of the Art, but who hunt neither for art's sake, nor for posterity, but strictly for the cash...

'"DRAGON HUNTERS' tells the fantastic tales of a distant, medieval future, where countless, terribly dangerous dragons have infested the world." -Futurikon

The first 26 episodes are already on the air with a second 26 in production as we speak. 

“The humour and the variety of the Dragons allow for the creation of great videogames. We are sure that the Playlogic team will reach this goal!” states Philippe Delarue, CEO of Futurikon.

Stefan Layer, Playlogic’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “This cooperation enables Playlogic to exploit the Dragon Hunters universe on various platforms. Playlogic will be able to use material from the Dragon Hunters CGI movie out in cinemas in 2008, as well as from two seasons of the Dragon Hunters TV series.”

Playlogic plans to publish the game version of Dragon Hunters on Nintendo DS in line with the movie release, scheduled for Q1 of 2008.

If they manage to live up to the series itself then we should all be in for a treat. The series lends itself quite well to a video game transition and the storyline has the potential for some interesting gameplay and some humorous situations. I hope they do it well. We'll find out soon I'm sure. 

For those not at all familiar with the series here is a brief synopsis:

Centuries have gone by...Our beloved, former civilization, swept away by the tides of chaos, is but a murky memory... Human history has painfully continued its course, along the rocky trail of a brutal, contrasted, unstable, toiling, ignorant and medieval world, inclined towards the most foolish of beliefs. This babbling universe is mainly peopled with ruthless rogues, surly peasants and illiterate, petty lords , their basic motto being, EAT and DON'T GET EATEN.

For this new world has become infested with a terrible plague: omnipresent, monstrously famished, mutant creatures, are wreaking havoc known as : The DRAGONS.

To Find out more check out Futurikon's website

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