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zu onlineIn the realm of MMORPGs the battle-lines have been drawn and many have chosen sides. Yet, new combatants enter into the arena almost daily. Today I  give you a really cool trailer for Zu Online; though I am unsure what it really has to do with the game itself. It is purely cinematic, but it is great cinematics. 

Zu Online , as I said, is an MMORPG. It has been adapted form the classical Chinese fantasy novel Tales of the Zu. I am not familiar with the Tales of the Zu, but it sure does look cool.

zu onlineSet on the oriental immortals and knight-errant, ZU Online bring the soul of the original work into the game world, which highlight justice and self-perfection. All these features endow Zu online with a rich culture connotation, creating an astonishing myth world in the cyber sphere.

Zu online is scheduled for a late August release. IGG , the makers of Zu, are also the creators of Mythwar Online, Voyage Century and Tales of Pirates.

The trailer is right here .

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