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While it seems to me that SpikeTV's Game Head is made for people with a 30 second attention span as they break up one segment by inserting other segments into it that last no more than two minutes, it does have some good content. In this case that content is a great interview with Charles Martinet. But the interview isn't great because of the 'host' and the great camera work. It's great because of Charles Martinet.

So if you can stand the somewhat grating voice of the geeky narrator/host, the over-the-top production values and the sensationalist feel of it all then the videos are for you. But it seems to me like they try too hard which of course is the trademark of everything SpikeTV does.

The show is broken into four pieces:

Meet Charles Martinet - Review of Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer 


More Charles Martinet - Hot Import 2 (where a hot model claims to be a gamer) 


Some cool stuff about the Nintendo stores - Pac-Man World Championship 


The finale where the host shows he has no concept of how game production works...

AND Charles talks about how cool Super Mario Galaxy will be! 



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