Generation: Gamerz Rock Band Updates and Screenshots!

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Today is a big day from Electronic Arts (EA) as the sports division released a slew of screenshots, and EA Games gets ready for E3 by releasing information about it highly anticipated title, Rock Band.

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The game allows you to play one of up to four roles: lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, and lead singer.  As previously announced, you can play alone or with up to three other players.

After the break, you can read all the announced features, songs, and see a few screenshots.

 Feature List
Unrivaled song library!

Major record labels and leading music publishers have signed on to provide unrivaled access to master recordings and legendary rock artists – from punk, metal and alternative to classic and southern rock. 

Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Dies!

Full support for downloadable content delivers never-ending challenges. 

Play together in your living room or across the world!

Rock Band offers deep online functionality, allowing players to rock together whether they’re in Rhode Island or Reykjavik. 

Create your own rock avatar!

Mold a unique rocker using Rock Band’s character creator. Chose from gender, body shape, face, hair, clothes, tattoos and signature moves.  Don’t forget to pick your specialized rockin’ instrument.

Drumming in the spotlight!

Showcase a real drum solo with Rock Band’s freestyle drum fill windows featured in each song. Break out your own rhythm and style as anything goes! 

Call out the crowd!

Vocalists can bring the crowd to their feet during Rock Band’s freestyle vocal fill windows. Ad-lib your own words or shout to the crowd to raise the rock intensity of the performance. 

Save your mates!

Band mates can fail out of a song for poor performance, but the band still plays on.  Rescue your failing mate by busting out signature moves and blistering solos to wow the crowd with showmanship. 

Boost your bonus!

Earn bonus points for your band during Rock Band’s Unison Phrase opportunities if everyone plays perfectly.  A single mistake blows the phrase for everyone. 


Announced Track List
 Artist Track
 The Who  Won't Get Fooled Again  Master
 Mountain  Mississippi Queen  Cover
 David Bowie  Suffragette City  Master
 Black Sabbath  Paranoid  Cover
 Blue Oyster Cult  Don't Fear the Reaper  Master
 Nirvana  In Bloom  Master
 The Hives  Main Offender  Master
 Weezer Say It Ain't So  Master
Guitar Controller

Modeled after the legendary Fender Stratocaster and used for both guitar and bass parts.

  • A second set of fret buttons on the neck of the guitar. Using these buttons players can “finger tap” notes in solos - no strumming required


  • A five-way FX switch lets players choose their own showboating audio FX, including flanger, wah wah, echo, and chorus

Wired & Wireless versions

Drum Controller

Captures the raw power, physicality, and sheer enjoyment of real drumming.

  • Big circular pads that can take a bashing

  • An awesome foot pedal that emulates the resistance and speed of a real kick drum pedal

  • Real drum sticks

  • Built in joypad with buttons and direction pad for easy control of menus and other UI



Let’s players belt out the lyrics to some of the most recognizable rock anthems of all time!

  • Hand held microphone with authentic styling and weight

  • Rates singers in real-time, using pitch, rhythm and phoneme detection

  • Percussion breaks – tap the mic against your hand to play the tambourine and cowbell notes



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