Generation: Gamerz And You Thought Four Wheels Was Fun… (PGR4 Screenshots)

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...Just wait until you try two!  Bizarre Creations, developers of the Project Gotham series, announced today that they would be introducing motorcycles into PGR4.  I think it is a neat option, and can't wait to weave in and out of traffic all while pulling a wheelie.

But the folks are Bizarre are realists.  They understand that this decision will cause some controversy.  They realize so-called "purists" will have a problem with this decision.  To those people, here is their reponse:

"We know the decision to bring bikes into the fold will be a controversial one. We've already heard both sides of the story internally! Some have said they love the fact that they'll be able to get on bikes and earn Kudos in a whole new way. Others are the opposite, and are die hard car only drivers. There's definitely a certain status which videogame bikes are usually branded with, and we're trying to defy the convention and bring some new ideas to the table."

I think the shots look great, and I see pictures of a couple of good bikes, but I know a couple of guys who will be disappointed that the Hayabusa isn't represented.


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