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Atlus U.S.A., Inc., today announced Ontamarama, a new music arcade game for the Nintendo DS.

Making full use of the Nintendo DS dual screens, touch functionality, and microphone, Ontamarama will provide an entertaining level of challenge for novice players, while offering satisfyingly challenging play modes for advanced gamers. Fast reflexes and a keen sense of rhythm are the keys to success in this frantic, fun, and addictive music-based game!

That's two music-based games for them today. I wonder if the CEO wanted to be a rock star. 

 On a peaceful tropical island, Ontama roam free. These gentle sound spirits, when properly conducted, offer the people of the land a beautiful and enchanting symphony. Wishing to rob the inhabitants of this joy, an evil demon begins to control the natives into capturing the Ontama. Two aspiring “Ontamaestros”, Beat and Rest, discover the plot and decide to foil the evil demon’s scheme by challenging the villagers under the demon’s control in order to release the trapped Ontama!

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced music-based gameplay that challenges the player’s reflexes, timing, and concentration.
  • 12 stages to play, including a tutorial, each with their own catchy melody to master! Each successful challenge nets the player “Ontama Points”, which can be used to unlock new songs, items, and Ontama styles!
  • Story mode with three difficulty settings that tailor the game to gamers of varying skill levels.
  • Freeplay and Challenge modes offer excellent replayability, allowing favorite stages to be revisited and offering greater levels of difficulty for skilled Ontamaestros! The more you play, the more you can unlock!

I have always liked music-based games going back to Amplitude and Frequency and even before that. Plus they always have some unique forms of gamplay which makes them interesting for a longer amount of time.

Ontamarama is currently set for release Fall/Winter 2007!

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