Generation: Gamerz Your Ankh-a, Mummy and the rest of the family are coming to the DS

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xiderThe Ankh series is coming to the DS. Join in the darkly humorous adventures of Assil, the courageous young adventurer in a pocket sized journey through the dusty streets of Cairo in the upcoming Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King later this year.

ankhSun yourself in the sweltering Egyptian heat as you try to keep up with
Assil, Thara, Pharaoh and Osiris: God of the Underworld in numerous
exotic locations that include the beautiful bazaars and heady
undergrowth of the Egyptian landscape. Solve the puzzles, guard the
Ankh and become enthralled in the mysterious storyline whilst guiding
Assil and his loveable friends along their way.

If you are brave
enough to accompany Assil as he continues his quest for the Ankh, then
look out for Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King on the DS, towards the end of the year.

  ankhds_screen002_wip.jpg    ankhds_screen001_wip.jpg

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