Generation: Gamerz Rain Slick and ready to slip – Penny Arcade Gameplay trailer!

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{tag [News]} {tag [PC]}Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik



They may be rain slick but they're not slimy. Ok so that doesn't make any sense so just quit reading and go watch the two videos of Penny Arcade: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness that came out of Comic Con.

Watch them WALK! This one is shot by someone at the booth.


 I'm particularly fond of the finger-flipping clowns.

Not much new in the second one but at least you get some good sound quality, and of course another look at the F@$%ing clowns!


Well from the looks of things it will be true to both the particular artistic style of the site as well as the mentality of it

"I study the effect of urine on things."

"So you pee on things..."

No release date set yet and so we wait impatiently. 

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