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Robert Ludlum's the Bourne Conspiracy seems to be coming along nicely. There are now several new screenshots and some videos to go with it. Check it out after the break. Not much info about the game available but if you watch the behind-the-scenes video you get some insight into what it will be like and what they are trying to accomplish. It sort of runs like a PBS documentary and they all look very serious. It looks to me like they are all more interested in making money than making gamers happy with a good game, though they do talk about some game mechanics that should make fans of the books as well as FPS fans interested. But from some of their comments I truly do believe they want to make a good game at that studio and they want to weave it into the existing universe from the books and films. I hope they do.


The Gallery:             image2.jpg



The Videos: 

Behind the scenes look


 The announcement trailer:


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