Generation: Gamerz PS3 + FVTV = PVR ?

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There are industry rumblings that Freeview TV will be made available for the PS3 in the near future and that would then give you a reason to have more than 80GB of hard disc as you will essentially be able to use your PS3 as a personal video recorder (PVR). There look to be some big surprises for PS3 owners at the Games Conference in Leipzig (which yours truly will attempt to attend part of)  later this month.



 As part of a recent announcement 'down under' where Warwick Light of Sony said "August 1 in NZ we will release a value-added PlayStation 3
starter pack that has a PS3 console, top-selling games Resistance: Fall
of Man and Motorstorm and two wireless controllers for $1199.95. That
provides the NZ consumer with almost $320 free value – that's better
than $100 off.
" He was also quoted as saying, "We're also hoping next year – about the same time that Freeview
launches its terrestrial broadcasting service (expected to be in March)
– to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a
programmable TV recorder."

AHA! Thanks to The Press for dropping that on us this week. Way to go New Zealanders! Of course Light goes on to talk up the 'next generation' view of Sony and state that the Wii is NOT next-gen. Who cares, if they are not considering it competition to their machine then they should stop talking about it right?

Another big surprise that is expected at Leipzig is a Euro price break on the console which I find to be contradictory to Sony statements that the PS3 is not over-priced. Well if it isn't overpriced then you needn't cut the price now do you? 

Then he wrapped up the interview with this juicy tidbit:

"A lot of people think that the PS3 is just a games machine. It's not a
games machine. Well (laughs), it is, but it isn't (laughs again). It's
a future-proofed super computer.

Yes, a future-proofed super computer that will not be obsolete for seven to ten years. We will see Warwick, we will see... 

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