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I find it odd that Koei, a Japanese company, has an upcoming title that is set in 14th century Europe but stranger things have happened. But in the early half of the 14th century a quarrel over the succession to
the French throne escalated into what history would define as the
Hundred Years’ War. Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War will bring to life the intensity and drama of a
war-torn Medieval Europe featuring a rich tapestry of legendary
characters including Joan of Arc and Prince Edward- later to be named
the Black Prince. And we have a massive amount of screenshots to go with it's release set for Summer 2007, but it shows up on the release lists as Nov 6, 2007 because it has been delayed for further tweaking.

Utilizing a new game engine attainable only through the power of
next-generation hardware, the game’s armies will collide on the
battlefield at an unprecedented scale. Countless numbers of men
consumed with ferocious intensity will converge on screen, where
tactics and cunning will combine with valor and might to determine who
is left standing at the end of the day.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War puts gamers in the role of a rogue commander and gives them
direct control of mercenary units in fierce clashes with English and
French forces.
The game’s unique style of action thrusts players
into dynamic and ever-changing conflicts. Players must adjust their
strategies as skirmishes evolve, and then deploy the unit best-suited
to handle the challenge. At a player’s command is a broad array of
troops including infantry, archers, and cavalry, as well as a variety
of specialized units such as elephant units, cannoniers, and castle
siege specialists. While each unit is comprised of autonomous soldiers,
each warrior will contribute to the assigned objective.

The game utilizes a “Free Mission” system that allows
players to align their forces with either the French or English on a
battle-by-battle basis. This unparalleled freedom allows players to
take on different assignments, or simply experience a given battle from
an opposing side.

Game progression is wholly dependent on a
player’s decisions and accomplishments on the battlefield. Players must
establish a reputation as a dependable and capable leader by
successfully completing each mission. The reputable commander will
attract more desirable troops to his employ, and will be asked to take
on weightier challenges that reflect his status as a fighter and leader
of men. The troops themselves will also become more lethal as they gain
combat experience. Through a point system, players can augment their
units’ combat capabilities.

Check out the massive screenshot gallery: mace2.jpg

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