Generation: Gamerz USA Today Blasts Madden ’08 for PS3

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Brett Molina writing for USA TODAY states "Madden '08 on the Xbox 360 'sticks it' to the PS3. They also say that '08 is the first true Madden to be worth purchasing on the Xbox 360 but it's 'sluggish' on the PS3 and the action 'stutters.' He rated the game  9 out of 10 (X360); 7 out of 10 (PS3).

We're waiting for our own Maddenites to proclaim it a Touchdown or Fumble....Let's play You make the call!

 To read more check out his review here.

 In a rebuttal, according to CVG, an EA developer has said  "In the case of the next-generation consoles, many publishers have been developing titles for the Xbox 360 for over 3 1/2 years while everyone who publishes now for the PlayStation 3 with the exception of Sony has been developing for the PlayStation 3 for only a little over one full year."

Well, he does have a point there I suppose. You can read more about what EA had to say here

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