Generation: Gamerz Sony Finally Announces EU Release dates

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Hey everyone, Sony has finally agreed to nail down some dates for the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive titles they have been pushing on us. Check out the stuff below.


Nothing coming down the pipe until mid-September but it's better than we have seen in the past. A month delay is nothing over the 6-12 month delays we have historically seen for games like this.

  • Warhawk with headset: September 19th
  • Heavenly Sword: September 19th
  • Folklore: October 10th
  • Lair: October 24th
  • Eye of Judgment: October 24th
  • Singstar: October

Of course if you really don't want to wait you can import the game since the PS3 is region-free for games. But we are so used to waiting that this will be a cakewalk.

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